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Beautiful walls can be created by paint and everyday household items. How about putting paper bags? How about using a comb to make a textured appearance? You can create exceptional wall treatments that are beautiful these with both.

The traditional brown paper bags You grew up with may be utilized in some approaches to creating amazing wall treatments. We paint and will talk about two different applications for brown paper bags.

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The first option is to use them. First You take the brown bags (or you can purchase rolls of brown paper), split them into different sized shapes, and then crumple them up. Keep a few with any place that might need a straight edge and edges to your ceiling.

Use wallpaper paste and adhere the glue to the paper (or The wall, or both) and randomly apply each piece slightly overlapping them to the wall. Don’t attempt to straighten out you want that crumpled appearance to provide the wall texture. It’s time after it has dried it’s now time to have fun. You do any painting or can paint a single color on it. You have a great canvas with the paper as a textured backdrop for your paint.

washroom with wall paper

washroom with wall paper

My Suggestion to improve the look, after you’ve finished painting the wall always use darker color paint either paint or color paint that is lighter. Any color that is a contrast to the color painted. Lightly go over the wall rubbing on the contrast color, less is more you just wish to highlight the texture generated by the paper
The next use of brown paper bag is similar but different.

Family room

This Until you split it up time paint the bag. With this technique using normal paint and metallic gives a wonderful contrast to it. You want to blend the colors; the goal here is covering all the paper and unexpected color combinations. When you are finished painting, and it’s dried, start crumbling like the other technique and tearing. Follow the remaining directions to apply. Similar but this will give you an appearance that is slightly different.

What about using a combing on your walls?

This is fun and simple. It needs a base coat color. Over the base coat, you apply an accent color. As you finish, you will see the base color slightly keep in mind. Be sure to add paint extender. You wаnt thе раіnt tо stау wеt lоnger and have an appearance.

Function in about 12″ wide segments ceiling to floor. Use the top accent coat with a roller, choose your comb (it works best with a large comb that all of the teeth are evenly spaced), begin at the ceiling place your comb with teeth on the wall and simply pull down, all of the ways to the floor without stopping. This will leave lines that show the base color underneath it. Repeat the process, when you get to the edge roll another coat of top coat repeat and paint. Always wipe off the comb after every line. This gives a textured look with a surprise of this basecoat.

As Constantly practice, practice, and practice some more before you strike the wall. In the picture, the time spent practicing is the gap From an excellent look that you will love and something you like.