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How much does it cost to paint a room?

Depend on Square feet of room, Wall will cost $200, Ceiling cost $150, Doors Baseboard cost $150, Closet $50. And $120 remove wall paper

The cost to paint a room or an bedroom is between $200 to $800

Most homes need to be painted every seven to 10 years, OR the room looks dirty Or you don’t like walls colours Or the sheen of wall, Accent wall, Or other reasons. . .

Room painting cost

Free online house painting estimate

Total invest from $200-$800 depend on size of the room and your needs


Some money for deposit to book schedule. And some money on start date for materials, The balance will be paid when job completed and We want you to be completely satisfied with every we finish

Paint colour for your ideas

Reds & Magentas, Oranges & Coppers, Yellows & Golds, Greens & Sages, Blues & Teals, Violets & Indigos

Cool Neutrals & Whites

Warm Neutrals & Whites

painting a room grey is a good choice for young people

Pink or purple style for Girl

Blue style for Boy

Video Paint my room

Color changes everything, a fresh paint job has the power to totally transform the look of your house in less time and for less cash than any other remodeling project. It can maintain the value of your home and protect your investment. You’ll love the way your house looks after we paint it.

You can learn how to paint a wall, trim and ceilings online as youtube where you have tips on planning, paint prep, buying paint, using paint tools . . .

Working with painting Contractor

The job of painting involves a lot of hard work, money and exceptional skills. Perhaps you have noticed the professional guys painting a house with lightning speed and perfection, and that may lead you to perceive it as a simple task. However, it is not that much easy as it seems. It takes years of practice and learning to master the skill, and it is impossible for a novice to grab the art in a few hours. Hence, don’t consider it as a DIY job as it will end up killing your time and money. Instead, you should hire professional painters to get your home painted.

When hiring painters, we often get stuck in a dilemma that whether to appoint a local painting company or a popular branded one. If you want us to answer the question, then our recommendation will be the local painters. You may not have expected this, but there are so many reasons for advocating for the locals! 

 When spending a considerable amount of money, will you not want your painter to be extra cautious and careful doing the job?  Since painting is an irreversible process, the job must be flawless at the very first attempt. The local painters are emerging players in the market, and hence they will strive for creating a good reputation rather than just making money. On the other hand, the nation’s chains will not take your job as a special project as they have already achieved goodwill to sustain in the market. That is why handing over the situation to the local players will be the right choice.

The national players are never going to demonstrate their painting skills to you. If you ask them about such an illustration, they can hardly provide with a catalog which may not be authentic. Whereas the local painting companies will try their best to satisfy and convince you as a potential customer! They will not hesitate to take you to a live working site, and this is going to be a golden opportunity as you can witness and judge the skills of the painters on your own.

If there is any assurance or warranty provided by the company, you can reach the local companies in no time whenever anything wrong happens. But national players are beyond your reach, and the so-called after-sale-service will not be that much good. Moreover, they will charge much less for the same job as their maintenance cost, and recurring expenditure is lower in comparison.

The Way to Paint a Room to Give Your Home a Beautiful New Look


Everyone naturally assumes they understand how to paint a room. They just go to a paint store, or even a building supply warehouse to buy paint. Regrettably, most first-time painters buy the least expensive materials to work with. That will most likely be the first of many mistakes that I want you to keep away from.

Painting a space will require a significant amount of preparation and a great deal of work when you take some opportunity to plan the work properly. If you do the essential preparation work, you will be rewarded with a gorgeous fresh appearance to your room.

By following the painting hints I will provide in this article, painting an area will develop into an accomplishment you will be proud of.

The first thing that you need to do is evaluate the state of the walls and ceiling in your room. If there are nail holes, dents, or large spots you are going to want to repair them, this is essential! Don’t expect the paint to fill any cracks or magically make flaws in the wall disappear. A fresh coat of paint will give the space a fresh, clean feeling. Nevertheless, a fresh coat of paint won’t repair the flaws in the walls or ceiling.

Anyone can throw a coat of paint onto a wall, but if you expect great results that you will need to spend some time in prep. Painting a room remains one of the cheapest ways to improve your home’s overall look. As professional painters believe me when I say “proper preparation is the first step to obtaining a professional looking job you will be proud of.

Your walls and ceiling have to be clean, and in perfect condition, before you begin painting. You must fill all nail holes remove all dirt and stains if your ceiling includes a water blot it has to be treated using a product specially designed to stop that blot from seeping through your ceiling paint. The painting above a water stain without proper preparation is a waste of your time. Properly treating that blot before painting the ceiling is imperative.

Use a small amount of spackle to fill in small dents and nail holes. Permit any repairs you make to thoroughly dry then lightly sand them and remove any dust with a damp cloth. I cannot stress enough how the time you spend preparing your walls all dust with damp will help you tremendously.

How to select a color which you can live with for the upcoming few years. Picking a color that will match your furniture and flooring is not an easy task. In case you’re prone to look for expert help than at least go through some magazines to discover a color that will complement your furnishings. Bear in mind light color paint will make your space brighter and at times look larger while a dark color is going to do the opposite.

After you’ve selected color to paint your space and decided if you include the ceiling on your painting project. It’s time to buy the paint. If this is your first experience shopping for paint, get prepared to be overwhelmed. The choice of colors is incredible, and the various finishes which are available are many. So allow me to attempt to simplify this process for you.

The paint finish which you opt for will depend on what room you’re painting. When decorating a living room or bedroom, you may wish to use flat wall paint or wall paint having an egg-shell finish. In case you’re painting the kitchen or toilet you will want to utilize a semi-gloss finish. Semi-gloss is more resistant to moisture and can be readily cleaned.

The simplest way to ensure you’re getting the proper paint to your room you’re painting is to request the paint store clerk for his assistance. Explain to who is helping you that this is your first painting project. Give them the dimensions of the room so they can let you opt for the proper amount of paint to buy.

Here is a listing of the materials You’ll Need to accomplish painting a space:

1. Spackle, scraper, sandpaper, spray cleaner, clean cloths.
2. Fall fabrics painters tape,
3. Paint tray, 9-inch roller, and refills
4. Good Excellent paint brush stinks
5. Paint the room

Buying good, excellent paint and using a good paint brush and roller can charge a bit extra but the outcomes will be worth. Before you buy all the essential materials, you may want to call in a professional painter and find an estimate. Professional painters have all the proper equipment and will help you evaluate the state of your walls.