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Some popcorn is hard to scrape because it painted too many time. Cover with drywall over them may be a better option or Skim coat on a new design.

Remove Stucco Popcorn Ceiling

Removing Popcorn Ceiling Cost

Cost $3-$5 per square foot

Labor (3-5 days) and materials (compound, primer) for the job, remove, smooth ceiling and apply primer paint . . . Cover furniture, electrical boxes, ceiling fixtures, lights, fans, floors and walls with plastic drop cloths to protect from a big mess.

Spray warm water then wait 10-20 minutes and slowly remove the popcorn from the ceiling with a 3 inches – 10 inches drywall scraper. Apply drywall compound to any the damaged to get a smooth skim then lightly sand after it dry.

Hard Removing Popcorn From Ceiling

Popcorn ceilings are the cheap way to finish ceilings, made easy work of finishing, hiding imperfections. And now many homeowners want to Remove Popcorn Ceiling get rip of that. Stucco roof is difficult to repair, catch dust quickly, hard to clean.