Why Should Paint The House In Winter

Winter is already here and everybody out there’s thrilled with the cold chilly feeling of early mornings and late nights. During winters, we all like to enjoy hot coffee with some delicious snacks in our bed all day and do nothing but stare at the wall. Winter might not seem a perfect time for painting.

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Exterior painting may have various limitations during winters, but you’ll achieve interior painting even within the thick of winter as you’re not limited by weather or daylight. But, I’ll add here that choosing the proper paint and tools during painting in winters may be a crucial step.

Best Paints and Tools to Use for house painting in Winter

Choosing the paint for your interior walls are often a difficult choice as understanding their technical specifications could also be confusing. to assist make it easier, I’d wish to suggest using paints that are specifically prepared for interior walls and don’t release unpleasant fumes or odor. Easy Clean Fresh could also be the proper pick for interior wall coating because helps beat all the issues which will be faced when painting during the winters.

It doesn’t just maintain a stronger bond with the surface you’re painting, but also it’s designed for all types of weather. This paint also will absorb unpleasant odor so you don’t feel annoyed while you’re inside your freshly-painted room.

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And if there’s any stain left while you paint your walls, don’t worry because it offers washable coating so you’ll easily clean the stains thereby giving your wall a fresh and delightful look. aside from this, using the proper tools is additionally important. Nylon and Polyester brushes tend to be best for painting during winter. Another thing to stay in mind is that you simply should start painting within the late morning because it will give your paint enough time to dry even before cold waves put a damper on your walls within the evening.

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Reasons Why Winter is that the Best Season to Paint

Less Humidity within the Air

As an expert, I suggest painting house walls during winter because the humidity condition inside your home is as ideal for painting as you’ll possibly ask. Usually, people await the summers to color their walls, which can be an honest decision for painting exterior walls, except for interiors, winter offers the simplest conditions. More humidity within the environment may end in the paint shedding or cracking within the future.

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During winters, moisture within the air is restricted, which allows the paint to stay and make a far better bond with the walls. Painting during high-humidity weather makes it difficult for the paint to stick and dry evenly, which ends up in reducing the lifetime of the paint. Of course, the danger of rain is usually there during winter, but you’ll live an extended life to your wall paint. Suitable interior conditions also reduce the time required for completing the work.

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No Interior Fumes

Paint fumes are often irritating and pose various health hazards. Since it’s cold, you don’t want to stay the doors and windows open for ventilation because the painting is under progress on your house walls. 

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That’s why I’ve suggested using Berger Paints Easy Clean Fresh because it not just releases zero fumes, but also abates unpleasant odor and adds fresh fragrance within the house. And it’ll keep adding mild fragrance to your house interiors even a few months after painting, making your house a far better place to measure in.

Low VOC Paint is the best, which no smell at all.

No Hassle During Tiring Summers

The summer days are already tiring and therefore the mess created thanks to the painting project makes it even frustrating and annoying. this is often why most of the people prefer to repaint their walls during colder days of the year so that they can enjoy the weather come to the summertime. 

Cost to paint house in summer is more expensive

Coming from an extended workday to your newly painted house with vibrant interiors will add just a few cheers, thereby lifting your energy state and mood conditions during the summer days.

No Better Season for Interior job

Let’s face it, monsoon and summer aren’t the simplest seasons for the painting jobs. The monsoon season could also be too wet for a paint job while summer is just too hot. Winter is that the time once you enjoy being indoors than other seasons of the year, so why not make use of this point to arrange a home improvement project that you simply and your family is bound to love?

Cost to paint a house in winter will cheaper


Painting your house during winter requires careful planning, a bit like the other home improvement project. With a good-quality washable paint for wall and tools, there’s no reason to not fill use of the winters and kick-start painting that you’ve been itching to start.

Cost House Painting Service in Canada

Statistics from 2017 show the typical to color the outside of a house in Canada is around $2,500, while an indoor average is $2.50 per sq ft. Of course, size matters. Without a basic idea of all the factors that determine the ultimate cost, there isn’t an easy way for a home-owner to understand if the painting costs per sq ft Canada companies charge is fair, which is frustrating.

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So how does one know if a painting estimate is reasonable? to try to that you simply got to take into consideration the sort of paint, the appliance products, whether it’s interior or exterior, and therefore the need for any special painting equipment.

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These factors inherit play when determining the value of painting a house in Canada, so read on to find out more about what’s included therein estimate to work out if the worth per sq ft is cheap.

Interior vs. Exterior Painting Cost Factors

Painting costs differ per sq ft counting on environmental conditions. Interior spaces are weather and temperature-controlled, and exterior surfaces demand an ideal seal from the weather.

Interior Paint Costs

An average for an honest quality interior paint is $45 per gallon. the worth difference between a flat finish and a high-gloss finish are often around $20 per gallon within an equivalent brand of a paint company.

Interior paint and primer are typically water-based and are formed to resist stains and permit you to wash off the dirt.

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A professional painter realizes that great paint merits each penny. Quality paint goes on smooth and provides a vibrant solid color that’s durable, which makes their customers happy.

Interior Painting Costs Per sq ft in Canada

To calculate interior paint cost, determine the square footage of the space you would like to color then divide that number by 350, which is that the average square-foot coverage of a gallon of paint.

The final number is going to be the gallons you would like times the value per gallon of the formula you select. This number is merely for the worth of the paint alone, without labor or other materials.

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Exterior Paint Costs

The normal cost for a gallon of exterior paint is $48. Exterior paint needs a high number of resins to assist in weather protection and wear. Costs will fluctuate when painting over various substrates, for example:


 Cement board




 Concrete block

Expect to pay from $500 to $1500 per 250 sq ft of exterior surface counting on the substrate and prep work involved. Also, add a mean of $35 per gallon if an exterior flat coat is required. therefore the monetary value to color the outside of a 2,000 square-foot home would be between $4,200-$8,200.

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Did your neighbor paint their wood-sided house for a particular amount, and you assume your vinyl-sided house quote is going to be the same? These surfaces require different prep-work before painting so your estimate could also be higher or lower.

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The extra work of painting trim or changing the shade of paint for soffit and overhang will build the gauge. 

Other Costs That Determine the ultimate Estimate

Supplies for painting project

The additional cost of the extraneous gear needed for paint prep like drop cloths, rags, wall putty/filler, caulk, and tape add up quickly and can increase the ultimate estimate to the tune of $300-$400.

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Professional organizations give the entirety of the basic additional items to prepare and complete your painting venture. They also tend to use costlier products because they are doing a far better job, sort of a painters’ tape that doesn’t allow the paint to bleed under the sting.

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Utilizing quality items wipes out additional work for your painter, yet also, furnishes you with amazing conclusive outcomes and along these lines, the extra cost on your gauge for this cost is advocated.

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