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Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Before you consider replacing or paint your old cabinet, We’d love to help transform your kitchen to the overall look of the kitchen by, changing styles of doors, customization colours and stains, low cost compared to replacements.

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing, Refinishing, Remodel

Cost-effective way + New Look + Layout Stays The Same + New Hardware Soft Close

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Kitchen door

What we do:

Colour Changing (from out side)

Doors Refacing (new style)

Wood Refinishing

Replace Toe Kick

Replace Crown Moulding and Light Valances

Replace Hinge Hardware with soft close and new handle

Replace all Drawer Boxes (optional + $100 each drawer)

Install brand new kitchen

Step to finish this job:
  1. Call or Book appointment online for estimate
  2. Deposit 50% of cost
  3. Frist Day (half an hour to one hour): Our staff will come for measure all doors, panel, molding, toe kick etc
  4. Second day (8 hours): Install and final approve

The old kitchen Cabinet

We don’t want this kitchen.