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Baseboard Painting

Painting your home’s exterior/interior trim can not only give the home a brand new update but also alert you to any structural issues with the siding or trim. Painting the trim yourself is possible, but due to the time and skill hiring an expert is recommended. The price for painting outside trim varies widely depending on the design and amount of trimming, but a typical cost as low as is $1 per linear foot, meaning a 1500 square foot home with 500 linear feet of trim will cost approximately $500.

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Cost breakdown

Materials: Most professional painters recommend using a primer 1 and two coats of paint on the exterior trim. The paint typically costs $200-$500 based on brand, quality; this should provide enough paint for a standard 1,500 square foot home. Other materials include brushes, tape, and scaffolding 2. Most painters don’t include them and have the supplies that are remaining.
Labor: The majority of your painting budget will go to labor costs. Most specialist painters earn an average of $20-$35 per hour, but you will likely be paying for a group of painters instead of a single individual. A 1,500 square foot home should take to paint and prep for one to two painters. Removal and disposal: If some of the trim has to be patched or replaced, you will need to pay for it to be removed and thrown away, which normally contains a base of the average labor cost of $15 an hour, and a premium and any fees to use the landfill. Expect to spend around $200 to have trim removed.

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Enhancement and improvement prices

Extra features to your house, such as porches, doorways, and dividers, can increase curb appeal and property value, but they come with a price tag. Depending on the size of the porch, the price can increase by $200-$500. Painting the trim around shutters averages around $50 per bit, and doorways are typically around $75 per since they involved more detail and paint than painting easy trim. Using multiple colors, even for little accent colors, can add up to an $1 per foot to the total, depending on the number of colors and the area they cover. Unforeseen issues can arise, like the discovery of water damage or cracked stucco 3, or rusty nails. The cost varies depending on the size, but expect to spend a chunk of change if there are structural problems.

Apartment Condo Paint Ceiling Wall Baseboard and Doors with off white colour

Additional concerns and costs

Homes with unique architectural features, such as mismatched or massive windows, long or steep roof lines, or very considerable amounts of trimming, typically have higher prices due to the labor and skill required. Even if it’s good condition, trim that is dirty or covered in mildew will typically require an additional day to clean and prep, which will raise your labor costs by around  $100. Homes built before 1978 may still have direct four paint on the trim. The painter will have to scrape and remove the paint if that is the case. This job can be toxic, so a specialist should do it.
Many professional painters will discount their services if you have your siding and trim painted at the same time. Depending on the contractor, discounts can be up to 30 percent.

Paint all doors, windows, baseboard and trim around doors and windows are strongly recommended

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