Exterior House Painting 

Curb appeal is big business when it comes to the real estate industry. Homeowners spend tens of thousands on sprucing up their properties, all to raise the general attractiveness of their houses. Whether you are currently jazzing up your home or enticing buyers, when it comes to first impressions, color and the appearance of a fresh paint job can do wonders.

Just how much it costs to visually upgrade your property might well be the very first question on your mind. But it’s a rather open-ended question: considering the cost of painting, then the cost of painting you can spend, what is a fair quote for your property, should you do it yourself or employ a painting contractor, just how much will the painter cost, just how much SHOULD the painter cost, how can you opt for a reputable painter… The queries can endure even farther. And the answers to those questions could be wide and far. You WILL be bamboozled if you aren’t ready!

Though a comprehensive painting job to-do list is just too much at this stage, we could create a list of tips that you can follow which will help put you on the right track for all your exterior house painting requirements.

” Firstly, how large is the house? For reasons that are apparent, size is a factor in the cost and completion time. The bigger the general surface area, the greater the potential cost.

” What kind of surface will you be painting on? An exterior wall made out of timber will be quite different to paint on compared to an exterior wall made out of solid brick and will influence the cost of the job.

” The structure of the house is a factor to think about. Steep roofs, angled walls, roof overhangs/eaves, and multi-story buildings need more specialized skills and gear from the painter and will impact the pricing estimate of their occupation.

” Where your residence is located can frequently significantly influence the expense of a paint job. Painters may and will cost more for a house located in a more wealthy, upper-class area than middle-class suburbia.

” When you want to paint, ie. The time of the year may also alter the pricing of a potential paint job. Good weather painting periods will probably cost the homeowner longer as there is a greater need for your painter’s services at this stage in time.

” Depending on your surroundings and environment, you might need specialized paint to match the requirements around your home. Specialised paint will normally incur a cost that is greater than regular paint.

” Houses with many doors or windows which need to be carefully painted around may also impact that cost since these areas need more time and ability to paint round compare to plain walls.

Make sure you obtain as many quotes as you can from different painting contractors before coming to a decision. Request references to local houses they’ve worked; if they’ve are specialist and have confidence in their job they shouldn’t even have a problem with this. Have a drive, and consider the property in question, which means that you can inspect their artistry. Hopefully, this may help reassure you to eventually decide on just how and who to paint your home.


The job of painting involves a lot of hard work, money and exceptional skills. Perhaps you have noticed the professional guys painting a house with lightning speed and perfection, and that may lead you to perceive it as a simple task. However, it is not that much easy as it seems. It takes years of practice and learning to master the skill, and it is impossible for a novice to grab the art in a few hours. Hence, don’t consider it as a DIY job as it will end up killing your time and money. Instead, you should hire professional painters to get your home painted.

When hiring painters, we often get stuck in a dilemma that whether to appoint a local painting company or a popular branded one. If you want us to answer the question, then our recommendation will be the local painters. You may not have expected this, but there are so many reasons for advocating for the locals! 

 When spending a considerable amount of money, will you not want your painter to be extra cautious and careful doing the job?  Since painting is an irreversible process, the job must be flawless at the very first attempt. The local painters are emerging players in the market, and hence they will strive for creating a good reputation rather than just making money. On the other hand, the nation’s chains will not take your job as a special project as they have already achieved goodwill to sustain in the market. That is why handing over the situation to the local players will be the right choice.

The national players are never going to demonstrate their painting skills to you. If you ask them about such an illustration, they can hardly provide with a catalog which may not be authentic. Whereas the local painting companies will try their best to satisfy and convince you as a potential customer! They will not hesitate to take you to a live working site, and this is going to be a golden opportunity as you can witness and judge the skills of the painters on your own.

If there is any assurance or warranty provided by the company, you can reach the local companies in no time whenever anything wrong happens. But national players are beyond your reach, and the so-called after-sale-service will not be that much good. Moreover, they will charge much less for the same job as their maintenance cost, and recurring expenditure is lower in comparison.