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Basement Finishing Estimator

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How much does it cost to finish a basement

Each square foot: $18-$40 for labor, and $13-$28 materials

  1. Designer
  2. Framing basement walls
  3. Electrical
  4. Plumbing
  5. Kitchen
  6. Bathroom
  7. Door installation
  8. Painting
  9. Finishing basement floor
  10. Baseboard and trims
  11. others

Also, know The Basement Renovation Cost ( basic materials and labor are included)

Take 30 seconds fill up those info below for detail of material cost.


Cost finish basement Layout

Cost around $1000 – $5000

Basements have become part of our living space, finishing the basement is a good investment, add living space and more value. Planning will be part of our Designer and architect who give you a basement idea (room, kitchen, bathroom, storage, which part should do right, colour).

Framing basement walls

You can know how many studs would you need by
Square feet of basement multi 1.2 then divide 4.

Example: Basement is 1000 sf
step 1: 1000 multi 1.3 = 1200
step 2: Studs = 1200 divide 4 = 325

We need around 300 studs for framing all walls in basement
Each wood stud cost at least $3.5 each
Cost 2×4 stud = 325 * $3.5 = $1050


14 Gauge Wire: general lighting and receptacle circuits (for homes only)

10 Gauge Wire: dryers*, individual cook tops and wall ovens

8 Gauge Wire: dryers*, individual cook tops and wall ovens

Range receptacle

Dryer receptacle

Receptacle and GFCI receptacle, 2 pack combination receptacle and USB

Light Switches, Dimmers

Spotlights, Vanity lights, Kitchen cabinet lights


4 inches pipe, 2 inches pipe, 3″ and 1.5 inches pipe

3/4 white an red pipe, valves for kitchen sink, vanity, dishwasher . . .

Band couplings

Flexible connector 20 inches

Dishwasher connector

Fridge water supply

Pipe glue


size 10×10 will cost $4000 and up

kitchen 10x10

Basement bathroom

Standing shower, bath tub, vanity, lighting, toilet bow, towel bar, paper holder, Ventilation Fan . . .

Price: $2000-$7000

Finishing basement floor

Vinyl/ Laminate Installation, Carpet or paint the floor . . .

Cost around $2 per square foot

Vinyl laminate installation cost

Others (Tiles, Closet shelf, Doors/Trim)

Tile: $10 square foot and up plus (thin-set, grout, tiles underpayment, transition and edge protection for tile)

Closet shelf: $50 and up

Doors/Trims: $150 for each and up

Baseboard Installation will cost $1 linear foot

How much does it cost to finish a basement?

Those materials which sell at home depot, Lowes, Rona. v. v

Cost to Open Window in Basement and Satisfy Egress Code

$1500 – $2000

Most of the legal basement request to make the window bigger for exist purpose that call Egress basement window
With an egress basement window, you’ll get more natural light, but it also has a more serious meaning. It’s large enough to offer a safe exit from the basement in the event of fire Adding an egress basement window for your basement to make a new bedroom, office or other living space.

Cut the hole on the wall is big mess and dust. We need mark the window outline, Build a temporary support wall, Hang plastic to contain dust then cut the wall by concrete saw. Before that, we need to dig the big hole from outside in case the window below the ground and put the drain there.

After install window, we need to finish in and outside of the walls.

Total invest to finish window around $1500 to $2000

Cost to Create a Walkout

$2,500 – $20,000

Walkout basements are very popular in our country like Canada. A walkout basement has many benefits, It is a separate entrance apartment for the property, offering an exterior entry and exit door leading directly, it is adding property value. However, the walk-out basement isn’t suitable for some house because of the layout and structure of the property.

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