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Condo Painting

The best way to enhance the charm and feel of your condominium is to paint it. We often get confused about the right color combination and process to be followed as it is indeed tough to choose the right one among the thousands of shades printed in the catalog. If you want to do the job on your own, you must abide by the correct sequence of processes as well.

Condo painting - hall way

Choosing Color

Room painting: The dark color can make your room look small?

This is not true at all. It all depends on the size of the room. If your room faces East or South, plenty of sunlight will fall on the floor. So you can choose dark-shades in these cases. You can pick cherry, deep orange or violate as per your choice. But white is always preferred as the color of the ceiling. These dark combinations go best with libraries and bedrooms.

Choosing dark color Condo painting

For bedrooms, you can choose a little lighter shade. Sky blue or grey are the best choices to paint them. Also, light pink,  make your room very soulful, and it is excellent for kids’ room. You can paint your kitchen with green shades making it look full of energy and life.

DIY do it your self

No matter how much complex the painting process seems, you can do it yourself with ease if you follow some simple steps for condo painting

Firstly, make the entire surface free-form loose debris, oil or dirt, so that the paint can adhere properly.

Then seal all the edges of the walls, wall sockets, etc. (calking technique, $2.99 for tube, you need 2-3 tubes for all your condo)

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do it yourself DIY

With the painter’s tape to restrict unwanted penetration of color. You can use emery paper to scrub the surface and then make it moist with water spraying. Now apply the primer diluted in proper density as mentioned in manufacturer’s instruction. Paint the ceiling first with a shallow layer of water on the floor. You can continue the same process to paint the walls as well. Then you need to clean the floor up, and now you will find that water on the floor handy to remove the residue. Thus, you can do it yourself just like a veteran painter does.

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