Need Bathroom Renovation In Oakville

Bathroom Renovation Oakville

Renovating your bathroom is a popular home improvement. Sometimes it can be as easy as swapping out a vanity or as thorough as a full demo and start from scratch. The possibilities are endless, even with a smaller space. The design and execution for a bathroom renovation are crucial to generate new value for your property. 

XPainting is always available to take on new projects. We promise every client a high-quality renovation and pride ourselves on exceptional customer service. Every bathroom renovation is competitively priced. We will work together and bring your bathroom renovation design to life, using your vision and our skillset.

Renovations can be daunting, especially with a space that needs to be extraordinarily practical and serene and still with a touch of luxury. Hire a professional, and you won’t misstep with the color scheme, fixtures, storage space, or utility location.

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Bathroom Renovation Oakville

When making a million decisions from the size of mirror to grout color, working with a professional can help ease a bathroom renovation stress. And still, it is essential to have good communication with your contractor. Continue to check and recheck with your contractor that you are getting the bathroom you are paying for. We always double-check the plan, measure twice, then cut once. We will never assume anything when renovating a bathroom. We want to create the bathroom of your dreams.

The expenses of a bathroom renovation mostly come from the fixtures and plumbing. There are also surfaces, labor, cabinetry, and hardware to budget for as well. Remember, a good rule of thumb is your bathroom renovation should cost no more than ten percent of your home’s value. 

Flattering lighting takes planning. Bathrooms are usually smaller spaces with fewer windows. Add a couple of mirrors that bounce the light around in different, maybe unexpected ways, and all of a sudden, it is essential when choosing types and locations of lighting. The bathroom is where you will be looking at yourself every day, and you want the lighting to be good. It’s often recommended to install a centered, over-head light in the bathroom, and when there are pale-colored walls, it helps to push the light around the room. 

Washroom Renovation Oakville

Don’t forget about your outlets when doing your washroom renovation. If you blowdry your hair, you’ll want the outlet to be near the mirror. If you have a rechargeable electric toothbrush, you’ll enjoy the outlet to be near the vanity – or the cute cabinet you’ve installed to hide your toiletries. Small details can get lost when renovating your washroom; hiring qualified professionals can help ensure all the boxes are checked before the demo begins. 

With every washroom, renovation comes tile and grout. Types of tile can include porcelain, glass, natural stone, cement, ceramic, and subway tile (which is technically ceramic but is so popular it’s almost its own category). Once you’ve decided the type of tile, then you can move on to shape and colour. Even after you’ve landed on a tile, you need to choose its partner, grout. Grout is an integral part of the bathroom, sealing off water and dirt, and it helps support the renovation’s integrity. It’s not a sexy part of washroom renovation, but it can make or break a washroom. Do you want the grout to stand out or blend in? Is the grout in a splash zone or a drier region of the bathroom? What’s the difference between synthetic grout and cementitious? Will dirty grout bother you? (If so, skip the white). 

Bathroom Remodeling Oakville

If you’re remodeling your bathroom, one of the most critical decisions will be where you sit. Toilets are not one size fits all. These days there is a toilet for everyone. You can choose from a traditional toilet, modern, petite, wall-mounted, water-conserving, or a mix of your favorites. Perhaps you don’t want the toilet to be the center of attention in your bathroom. You can remodel the bathroom to hide the toilet behind a half wall or even enclose it in its own separate space. The bathroom is a smaller space, so the toilet design and layout are a vital part of your bathroom remodel. 

A serene and well-functioning bathroom comes from adequate and well-planned storage. You can create a luxury bathroom feel by having storage spaces that feel integrated, not added-on. Having open shelving works great for a kitchen, but a bathroom, not so much. And still, you need to have easy access to your morning routine items.