Need Bathroom Renovation In Milton

Bathroom Renovation Milton

The purpose of a bathroom is direct and straightforward, but that doesn’t mean that space’s design and feel need to be. A bathroom renovation can be some small upgrades or a full, head to clawfoot toe overhaul. Having a bathroom that you love can dramatically improve how you feel about your home and your skincare routine. Renovating the bathroom is a perfect first home improvement project that is always an excellent investment for the house now, while you’re living in it, and selling the home in the future. Bathroom renovations generate new value to your property even if you start with small updates. 

At xPainting, we strive to offer exceptional customer service for all bathroom renovations. Every bathroom renovation is designed and executed with high-quality supplies and labour. We always have competitive prices to help your home and pocketbook look and feel its best. We are available to begin new bathroom renovations, big or small. Reach out, and we’ll be happy to help with a quote. 

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Bathroom Remodeling Milton

A bathroom renovation can start as one aspect of the space, a small upgrade of cabinetry, or a full top to bottom overhaul. Maybe you daydream about relaxing tubs, glamorous vanities, and sleek showers. We are here to help. We can revamp your bathroom space into a room worth showing off when friends come to visit. You might have a general idea of what you want for your bathroom renovation but aren’t sure about the details, and that’s where we come in. The bathroom is a smaller space that has a lot of different parts. From storage space to cabinetry, upgrading your vanity or countertop, maybe you should install a new sink, a toilet, and a shower. Then you might need to install a new mirror to go with your new countertop and retile the floors and walls to match your shower. Turn your bathroom makeover dreams into reality by hiring a professional. 

When renovating your bathroom, really ask yourself if you take baths regularly. If the answer is no, replacing the tub and shower set up with a stand-alone shower is your best option. It allows you to have a more oversized shower and still save floor space in an already tight area. Design the bathroom that is the best adapted to your current needs, don’t keep a tub just because you feel like you should.

Washroom Renovation Milton

Storage is so important when designing a washroom renovation. The washroom is often one of the smallest rooms in the house and is used multiple times a day. Spending time in an organized, uncluttered space can bring a sense of calm and serenity to an otherwise hectic day. You can use smart storage ideas to keep your washroom looking and feeling luxurious, even when you have a budget. You don’t want countertop clutter or towels on the floor or even electronic wires scattered about. Everything in your bathroom must have a home and still be at your fingertips. Easy to store and yet easy to find can be difficult. We love to solve storage puzzles with vertical cabinetry, unique shelving, and organizers. 

One of the biggest enemies of washrooms is mildew and mold. Having adequate ventilation is critical when renovating your bathroom. Installing a washroom fan is an option, but natural ventilation is best. Adding a window to your shower increases natural lighting in the washroom. Adding a window to your shower is also optimal for aesthetics.

Washroom Remodeling Milton

You can access even more storage space in a bathroom remodel by adding a recessed medicine cabinet. It will have a sleek and modern look above the vanity instead of a dated bulky feel. 

Remember that bathrooms tend to have limited natural lighting, and you don’t want just one bright overhead light. Having a dimmer installed for relaxing baths or middle of the night visits is more appropriate. Include lighting around the vanity to improve your morning routine, and even install small lighting under and in cabinets to find what you’ve carefully stored away with ease. Add recessed fixtures around the mirror to give you the best lighting possible when doing your hair, applying make-up, or any other task that requires lots of light. Adding light above the shower improves the quality of showering when adequately lit, making it safer.

A bathroom remodel should make your bathroom more efficient, more functional, and more stylish. There are many small and big considerations when planning and remodelling a bathroom; hiring a quality professional helps you enjoy your bathroom quickly and with leftover money in your pocket.