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22 Renovations Add Value to Your House and Sale Faster

  1. Fresh paint in nature color. PAINT . . . PAINT . . .PAINT, know the cost paint your house in 10 seconds
  2. Updated Kitchen with stainless steel appliances, Refacing kitchen cabinet 
  3. Add Wine Cellar in Kitchen
  4. Fully Bathroom Renovation
  5. Heated flooring in bathroom
  6. Update tile flooring
  7. Add Bedroom
  8. Build Separate entrance
  9. Top up insulation
  10. Private laundry room in basement
  11. Remove carpet
  12. Install dishwasher in basement
  13. Glass shower door
  14. Update hardware and lighting
  15. Architectural molding,

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Paint Char For 126 – 2018

Benjamin Moore Regal Product Flat Finish

  1. 10 gallons OC-65 Chantilly Lace
  2. 05 gallons OC-65 Chantilly Lace Pear Finish Advance Product
  3. 01 gallon OC-25 Cloud Cover
  4. 02 gallons 2115-60 Majestic Mauve
  5. 01 gallon CSP-500 whisper
  6. 02 gallons 2130-50 New Hope Gray
  7. 03 gallons OC-55 Paper White
  8. 01 gallon  CC-810 Hudson Bay
  9. 01 gallons HC 171 Wickham Grey
  10. 02 gallons Sico-Grey Dizzle 6207 –

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Deck and Fence Painting

Deck Painting and Fence Painting

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Basement Renovation 2018

Basement Renovation 2018 (1)

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House Painting Kennedy Road Brampton

House Painting Brampton

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Finishing Basement in Brampton

Finishing Basement in Brampton

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Painting Ceiling In Mississauga

Painting Ceiling Mississauga

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Finish Basement in New Market

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